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 #171 on the Big Read List (UK’s top 200), also titled the Modern Prometheus, #43 on the Great American Read (top 100), #10 in The Greatest Novels of All Time, #8 in The 100 Best Novels Written in English.

Forget Boris Karloff! The real story is scarier because it examines real, human desires and capabilities.

A brilliant student, Victor Frankenstein, comes upon the knowledge of creating life. Expecting glory and hoping to benefit humanity, Frankenstein creates a man - only to discover that creation carries more consequences and responsibilities than he foresaw. The resulting tragedy speaks directly to some of the issues facing us in science and medicine today.

Years later, Robert Walton is a young man driven by his desire for knowledge and exploration - he wants to make his mark on the world. But he finds something entirely different. As the sea ice closes in on his ship, he and his crew sight a strange, gigantic being driving a dogsled across the frozen wasteland, finally disappearing into the distance. The next day they find an ill and dying man floating on a fragment of ice and persuade him to come on board for his safety. As his ship lies trapped by the surrounding ice, Walton spends many hours talking with the ill man, a Victor Frankenstein of Geneva. As they talk, Frankenstein slowly reveals his story to Walton. 

Through Mary Shelley's suspenseful and horrifying tale, students will learn:

Author Biography: Learn more about Mary Shelley.

Background Information: Early 1800s history of science, discoveries, literary movements, and politics.

Before-You-Read Activities: Faust, poem, mapping, research, Bible study.

Vocabulary words used throughout the novel, utilizing a variety of activities to stimulate retention and growth.

Literary Techniques: In context, dictionary, characterization, framing, setting, mood, allusion, parallel character, foreshadowing, adjectives, Gothic novel, romantic novel, tone, irony, verisimilitude, compare/contrast, metaphor, narrator, protagonist, antagonist, conflict, climax, paradox, contrivance, theme.

Moral Lessons and Character Values: Motivation, hubris/pride, friendship, death, guilt/sin, human goodness, responsibility for our actions, revenge, man's nature, purpose, responsibility, God and His creation, ambition, moral framework.

Activities and Writing Assignments: Naturalism, discussions, multiple essays, drama scene, research.

Suggestions for Further Reading:  We include an in-depth reading list of more books by the same author(s) and other books that tie in with, or are similar to, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

All of the unit lessons are written from a Christian worldview!

Features and Benefits of the study guide

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 CD Format

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    Note: Mobile Devices/Tablets may require alternative app that supports and saves fillable form fields.
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