• 31st Aug 2023

    Learning With, and Loving, Literature

    Have you ever been transported to another world through the pages of a book? Have you felt a profound connection to characters who, despite being nothing more than fiction, felt like friends? Livin…

    Published by Rebecca Gilleland

  • Tolkien's Legacy in the Fantasy Genre: Lessons Learned

    31st Mar 2023

    Tolkien's Legacy in the Fantasy Genre: Lessons Learned

    J.R.R. Tolkien is widely regarded as the father of modern fantasy literature. Through his works, he established a new standard in the genre, inspiring generations of writers to come. His influenc…

    Published by Nathan G.

  • How do I manually access my eGuide?

    7th Feb 2023

    How do I manually access my eGuide?

    You've purchased an eGuide from Progeny Press (Thank you so much!), and now you are ready to download your files. Where to go? How to download them? What happens if something goes wrong?Read on and do…

    Published by Progeny Press Customer Care

  • Covid-19 and Shipping Delays

    3rd Jul 2020

    Covid-19 and Shipping Delays

    Hello! As we continue to navigate the year, we wanted to give you an update.Our offices are running normally, and our shipping department is at peak efficiency, often processing order the same day the…

    Published by Progeny Press

  • 29th Apr 2020

    We are open, and upgrading!

    Yes, we are still open and continue to operate. While Covid-19 has invariably caused changes to our workflow and daily lives, Progeny Press is still here to provide you with educational products and s…

    Published by Progeny Press

  • 6th Feb 2020

    Loyalty and Rewards Program Closing

    Our tech team has been working to resolve ongoing issues with the rewards program Progeny Press introduced in December of 2018. It is with heavy heart that we have decided to close the rewards program…

    Published by Progeny Press Customer Care

  • 12th Jul 2018

    Phone System Outage 7-

    Phone systems in our area are currently down. We are communicating with the phone company, and have been told that a currently undetermined area in WI is affected, with no current resolution timeframe…

    Published by Nathan, Tech Support

  • 10th Jan 2017

    New System, New Account Layout

    We recently went through an entire platform upgrade. While most of this was back end upgrades that enable us to develop and implement more powerful site features, this also introduced cosmetic upgrade…

    Published by Progeny Press Customer Service

  • 14th Dec 2016

    Local Mail truck burned

    In our local news, a mail truck burned Tuesday on the highway. While according to reports, most of the mail it was carrying originated from Minnesota and Western Wisconsin (we are Central Wisconsin),…

    Published by Nathan, Customer Service