Crown and Jewel, The - Book

Jeri Massi
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Study Crown and Jewel by Jeri Massi with our study guide and lesson plans!       Don't miss the story that began in The Bridge and ends in The Two Collars!

The second book in the Bracken Trilogy

Princess Rosewyn, the daughter of Queen Rosalynn and King Herron, spends her time climbing trees, riding pigs, and taking dares. She despises royal manners and is always looking for a bit of adventure! She finds more adventure than she bargained for when she stumbles upon the secret plot of Sir Blackroot to overthrow her royal family. Her grandmother, the Wise Woman flees with Rosewyn.

When her grandmother is captured, Rosewyn must hide with some humble miners and when discovered, she must flee yet again across the wintry countryside. It will take friendship, sacrifice, and great courage to rescue her parents and save the throne from Blackroot and his villainy.

A coming-of-age tale for girls! A tale of turning from selfishness to living for others.