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Silver Chair - Book

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The Silver Chair Story Book Novel







Book 6 in the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis.
Science Fiction Hall of Fame Award, Gandalf Award nominee, Prometheus Award nominee, Hugo Award nominee. Big Read List #9 (UK’s top 200).

On the run from bullies at their nasty school, Eustace and Jill Pole suddenly find as escape into Narnia, but they become separated. Jill meets Aslan, who tells her they have a task to accomplish and gives her four signs to memorize to help accomplish their task. When Jill is reunited with Eustace, they learn that King Caspian's son Prince Rilian has vanished, and they are to find him and return him to Narnia. With the help of a very gloomy Marsh-wiggle, they set out to find the prince, but they soon find themselves forgetting to repeat the four signs. And when they are captured and led away to a deep underground kingdom, it looks as if they may have failed completely at Aslan's task.

Follow the story in:

#1 The Magician's Nephew
#2 Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe

#3 Horse and His Boy
#4 Prince Caspian
#5 Voyage of the Dawn Treader
#7 The Last Battle (coming soon)

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Book Author:
C.S. Lewis
Illustrated By:
Pauline Baynes