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 Study Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis with our study guide and lesson plans!  

Follow the story in:  #1 Magician's Nephew      #2 Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe     #3 Horse and His Boy     #5 Voyage of the Dawn Treader    #6 The Silver Chair     #7 The Last Battle

Book 4 in the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis
Science Fiction Hall of Fame Award, Gandalf Award nominee, Prometheus Award nominee, Hugo Award nominee. Big Read List #9 (UK’s top 200), The Great American Read #9 (Top 100).

When Caspian's parents die, Miraz, Caspian's uncle, assumes the throne, to rule until Caspian grows old enough. But when Miraz has a son and heir of his own, he seeks Caspian's death. Caspian flees into the wilderness where he encounters a pair of Dwarfs and a talking Badgercreatures who inhabited Narnia long ago before Narnia was conquered by the Telmarines.

There are many of the Old Narnians living in secret, and with Caspian on their side, they seek to overthrow Miraz and drive the Telmarines from Narnia. Caspian leads the Old Narnians into battle, but when Caspian's army suffers a series of setbacks, Caspian decides to blow the Horn of Queen Susan which he believes will bring helppossibly in the form of Aslan, the Great Lion, himself!

When and how will help appear? And will it come in time?

Book Author:
C.S. Lewis
Illustrated By:
Pauline Baynes
England, Imaginative, Fantasy
Lexile Level:
Recommended Grade Level:
Page Count:
238 pages