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Perelandra - Book

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Perelandra book novel by C. S. Lewis. Simon and Schuster. Space Trilogy book 2.








The second book in C.S. Lewis' celebrated Space Trilogy.

A world of seas and floating, multicolored islands, Perelandra is filled with mystical creatures and almost overpowering pleasures. Only two people inhabit this Garden of Eden - the beautiful and innocent Green Lady, and the King, from whom she has been separated. But shortly after Ransom arrives, so does another man from Earth, a man named Weston. Ransom and Weston had tangled before on Malacandra where Weston's mission had been the extermination of the native races in preparation for human colonization. Ransom expects no better in this Perelandrian confrontation. Can Dr. Ransom keep the two original people from following the human race into sin? Full of rich and imaginative description and practical insights into sin and temptation.

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Book Author:
C.S. Lewis
Space Trilogy:
Book 2 of 3
British Literature, Christian Analogy, Science Fiction
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