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Charlotte's Web - Study Guide

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Charlotte's Web - Study Guide



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A Newbery Honor Book

One spring morning, Fern Arable sees her father going out to the hoghouse with an ax to do away with a runt piglet born the night before. Driven by what she sees as injustice, Fern runs to her father and he agrees not to kill the baby pig - as long as she raises it herself.  When Wilbur turns five weeks old he is sold to Fern's uncle, Homer Zuckerman. Despite no longer being his caretaker, Fern visits him almost every day. In his new home Wilbur makes new acquaintances among the animals, and then he meets Charlotte, a spider who lives in the doorway over his pen. Charlotte's kindness and good nature win Wilbur over, and they become good friends, although he is alarmed by Charlotte's eating habits!  Wilbur's new happiness is short-lived, however, when he learns that Mr. Zuckerman is planning to kill him at Christmastime and turn him into smoked bacon and ham. Charlotte, a clever spider with a big vocabulary, hatches a clever plan that will save Wilbur's life.

Delicately hand-colored illustrations by Garth Williams.



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Recommended Grade Level:
Rural United States, 20th Century
Workbook ISBN:
Study Guide Author:
Andrew Clausen
For the Book By:
E.B. White
Study Guide Page Count:
55 pages