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New System, New Account Layout

Posted by Progeny Press Customer Service on 10th Jan 2017

We recently went through an entire platform upgrade. While most of this was back end upgrades that enable us to develop and implement more powerful site features, this also introduced cosmetic upgrade … read more

Local Mail truck burned

Posted by Nathan, Customer Service on 14th Dec 2016

In our local news, a mail truck burned Tuesday on the highway. While according to reports, most of the mail it was carrying originated from Minnesota and Western Wisconsin (we are Central Wisconsin), … read more
Sign of the Beaver update

Sign of the Beaver update

Posted by Nathan, Product Manager on 28th Jul 2016

We have identified a minor programming error in the CD and E-Guide format of The Sign of the Beaver study guide, where the security watermark would print in the incorrect place on one of the work page … read more

Back to the Pony Express

Posted by Nathan, Customer Service on 17th Sep 2015

We have been alerted that some people have not received their orders yet, and it appears to be stemming from the Postal Service. All of our shipments via the Postal Service are routed through Des Moin … read more

X Marks the Spot... Or does it?

Posted by Kennan, Manager on 26th Aug 2015

Our search function on our site has been experiencing some issues, as we are sure some of you have noticed. If you type a search phrase in and click search (or press Enter), it loads your results page … read more