Two Collars, The - Book

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Reading Level: Grades 4-6

Lexile Level: 740

Setting: Imaginative, Medieval

Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Page Count: 166

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Krea, a humble slave girl, is a juggler in a traveling troupe led by a wicked master. When she falls ill one day and it appears she will die she is rescued by the Wise Woman, who buys her from her terrible master. The Wise Woman nurses Krea back to health with comfort, love, and acceptance. She teaches the girl not only a physician's trade but also honor, loyalty, and the value of compassion.
The kingdom of Bracken is in danger and Krea becomes a courier in the service of King Reynald. Reynald's cousin, Frederick, has plans to overthrow Reynald and take the throne. In the midst of her runs as a messenger, Krea finds herself captured by her former master. Once again the Wise Woman comes to her rescue, and together they seek a way to save King Reynald and Bracken.
Amidst brewing war, the Wise Woman will help Krea understand true freedom.