Swiss Family Robinson, The - Book


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Reading Level: Grades 7-9 

Lexile Level: 1210

Setting: Uncharted Island

Genre: World Literature

Page Count: 336

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A Swiss family is traveling to a new colony when their ship is blown off course in a six-day storm and runs aground near an uninhabited island. The father, mother, and their four sons escape the wrecked ship and make their way ashore to find that they are the only survivors of the wreck. Salvaging what resources they can from the wreck, the family begins carving out a solitary existence on the island, uncertain when or if a rescue ship will ever arrive.
Despite dangerous animals, torrential monsoons, and the loneliness of isolation, they face all their hardships with energy, ingenuity, and the knowledge that God is always with them.

Teacher's Note: Swiss Family Robinson was originally written in the German language in Switzerland by Johann David Wyss. It was then translated in 1813 by Isabelle de Montolieu and then subsequently translated into English by William H. G. Kingston, first published in 1879. Over the years there have been many versions of the story with episodes added, changed, or deleted. We have written the guide based on the Yearling edition published by Random House containing 44 chapters. Any other edition may be numbered or chaptered differently, and the content may be slightly different.

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    Still reading it.

    Still reading it.