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My Side of the Mountain - Book

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My Side of the Mountain book novel by Jean Craighead George. Newbery Honor. Puffin Penguin Young Reader.











Newbery Honor Medal Winner 1960, New York State Writer's Hall of Fame, ALA Notable Book 

Young Sam Gribley has always heard "The land is no place for a Gribley." He knows his great-grandfather built a farmstead in the Catskill Mountains and then left to become a sailor, so he sets off (with his Dad's permission) on his own to find the remains of his great-grandfather's farm with just $40, a ball of cord, a penknife, an ax, and some flint and steel. Arriving at the old Gribley farmstead, Sam hollows out a tree for his home and learns to hunt, fish, trap, and forage for edible plants. When he captures a young falcon, Frightful, and trains her to hunt, she becomes a good friend and great help in supplying food. After months of carving out a life for himself on the side of a Catskill Mountain, Sam is sure that the land is the perfect place for a Gribley!


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Jean Craighead George
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Catskill Mountains, New York, USA, 1950's