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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - Study Guide

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry unit study guide for literature, from a Christian perspective

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1977 Newbery Medal winner.
The Great Depression was a difficult time for most Americans, and the difficulty was magnified if you were black and lived in the South. Although many of the black families around Strawberry, Mississippi are sharecroppers, the Logan family owns the land they work. Their independence allows them to help other families in need, but also draws unwanted attention from their white neighbors. In 1933 Mississippi, racist "night men" terrorize the Logans and their neighbors with acts of violence against black families. Young Cassie Logan must learn how to respond to the prejudice and injustice she experiences as she comes to realize the importance of the land to her family.

Recommended Grade Level:
Mississippi, 1933
Workbook ISBN:
Study Guide Author:
Calvin Roso
For the Book By:
Mildred D. Taylor
Study Guide Page Count:
56 pages