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Hall of Doors: The Dragon's Hoard, The - Study Guide

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The Hall of Doors: The Dragon's Hoard unit study guide for literature, from a Christian perspective



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Book 1 in The Hall of Doors series.

Upon walking into a hidden hall of doors in their barn on a rainy day, Kennan and Beth are propelled into an adventure beyond their expectations. They choose a door and find themselves on a windswept mountain summit with a dragon flying all too nearby. As they travel across this land following the clues they've been given, they encounter a lost pony, talking crows, elves, and the spiders of Mirkwood.

Realizing they are in a story from a book, they must follow the clues to the end to return home, having learned a special lesson in courage along the way. This courage will help them to serve "The King they already know."

Learn Christian values while traveling through time and place to visit famous books! Similar to the Magic Treehouse series.


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Recommended Grade Level:
Imaginative, Storybook
Workbook ISBN:
Study Guide Author:
Rebecca Gilleland
For the Book By:
Rebecca Gilleland
Study Guide Page Count:
39 pages