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Full Cast Set in Printable PDF format


Estimated Play Length: 80-90 minutes (2 Acts)

Main Characters: 2 male, 1 female

Supporting Roles: 3 male, 3 female, 4 non-specified (can be played by 7-10 people in multiple roles)

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A cast set in downloadable format. Purchase includes the director's script and the actors script that may be printed for cast and stage crew.

Embark on a riotous journey with "First Class Abduction," a playful parody inspired by Romeo and Juliet, where laughter knows no bounds. Meet Thomas Strawfield, alias Straforel, a cunning con artist determined to settle his debts with the Boston Mafia. Stumbling across an opportunity to earn the money by playing matchmaker to Edward and Katherine, two young romantic idealists, Straforel sets up his plan only to have Edward leave town in search of “true romance.” What follows is a zany, mixed-up series of chases, misunderstandings, and chaos, leaving laughter and confusion behind on the way to a glorious finale.

Key Features:

    • Instant Digital Access: With our downloadable script, you can jump right into the comedic chaos. No more waiting for shipping – begin your production planning immediately.

    • Versatile Adaptation: This digital script retains the same versatility as our print versions. It's suitable for small sets and cast sizes, with the flexibility to expand for larger productions, giving you creative control.

    • Director's Digital Toolkit: The digital Director script provides a convenient way to make notes and access cast lists, role groupings, and scene prop lists at your fingertips.

    • Actor-Friendly Printable PDFs: The Actor script is presented as an easy-to-read PDF, containing cast lists and the full script with stage directions. Print copies off for every cast member and tech crew, whether they have dialogue or not!

    • Effortless Communication: Page numbers in the Director and Actor digital scripts are thoughtfully synchronized, making communication seamless during rehearsals.

"First Class Abduction" delivers a side-splitting comedy, where a Shakespearean classic is parodied with a twist. With this script, you have the power to create a memorable, humorous production that leaves audiences in stitches. Dive into the world of theater, reimagined by Creative Classics Scripts, and prepare for an unforgettable experience.


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