The Importance of Being Earnest - Digital Script - Cast Set

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Full Cast Set in Printable PDF Format


Estimated Play Length: 70 minutes (2 Acts)

Main Characters: 2 male, 3 female

Supporting Roles: 4 roles: 3 male, 1 female (role genders can be adjusted with minor line adjustments)



A cast set in downloadable format. Purchase includes the director's script and the actors script that may be printed for cast and stage crew.

Step into the world of wit and whimsy with our downloadable script for "The Importance of Being Earnest." Oscar Wilde's comedic masterpiece comes to life in digital format, giving you instant access to this timeless tale of mistaken identities and social satire.

Key Features:

  • Instant Digital Access: Say goodbye to waiting for shipping. With our downloadable script, you can start exploring the clever dialogues and hilarious misunderstandings right away.

  • Versatile Adaptation: This digital script maintains the same adaptability as our print versions, making it suitable for both small sets and cast sizes while allowing expansion for larger productions.

  • Director's Digital Toolkit: The digital Director script provides a convenient platform for making notes, accessing cast lists, role groupings, and scene prop lists with ease.

  • Actor-Friendly E-Booklets: The Actor script is presented in an easily printable PDF format, including cast lists and the full script with stage directions, facilitating efficient rehearsals for your cast.

  • Effortless Communication: Synchronized page numbers in the Director and Actor digital scripts make communication seamless during rehearsals.

Rediscover the brilliance of Wilde's comedy in digital form with our downloadable script. Whether you're an actor, director, or theater enthusiast, you can now access this classic satire at your convenience. Explore the world of timeless classics, reimagined by Creative Classics Scripts, and get ready for a production filled with humor and clever wordplay.

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