Bronze Bow, The - Book

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Reading Level: Grades 6-8 

Lexile Level: 760

Setting: Palestine, 30 AD

Genre: Biblical, Historical

Page Count: 256

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Angry and vengeful at the death of his parents, Daniel bar Jamin joins an outlaw Zealot band pledging to all he can to rid the land of the hated Romans. Daniel's meets Joel and Malthace, two young people with a similar desire to see their land free of the Romans. The three of them make a pact to fight together for God's victory.

Then Daniel learns his grandmother has died and finds he must leave the mountain to care for his sister, Leah. He is torn between the responsibility he feels toward his sister and his hatred against the Romans. To support himself and his sister, Daniel takes over a blacksmith shop belonging to his friend, Simon, who has left town to follow a traveling teacher named Jesus.

Daniel begins to wonder if Jesus is the leader they have all been hoping for, the one who will lead them against the Romans. But Jesus is teaching a very different message from the one Daniel wants to hear.

Book Awards:
Newbery Medal Winner 1962

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    2 Reviews

  • Posted by Mindy W. on 22nd Apr 2016


    The Bronze Bow

    We are half-way through the packet and it is just perfect for what I needed. It has vocabulary work and in-depth questions covering characterization, insights, comprehension, literary components, and related Biblical quotes and thinking deeper. Because it is so comprehensive, be prepared to cover this book over weeks or months. I did end up having my children read the Bronze Bow superficially before we started (like they would reading a novel for fun), because I found it helped them answer deeper questions more easily. My homeschooled children are grade 6 (advanced reader) and 7 (struggles with deeper reading comprehension), but they were able to help each other to understand it better, by taking different sides of questions or proving their answers to each other. We have been having fantastic discussions with this book study! BTW, we are reading the Kindle version which helps with spacing of letters and typeface issues.

  • Posted by Susan L. on 21st Apr 2015


    Book is a difficult read for Dyslexic

    My son, Jacob, is a 7th grade home school student who likes The Bronze Bow book we recently purchased for our 4th quarter Reading requirement. However, the font is old typewriter style which he said is difficult to read with being Dyslexic. I have reserved another copy of this book at our local library. I am curious to see which font and type style is used in this other copy with a different ISBN number. The librarian explained that if the new library book copy is not pleasing to Jacob's eye then he might try to read an on-line Kindle book, as the font and type style can easily be changed. We will consider that as we need to, but right now he prefers a paper book with real pages which he can mark and highlight. The reproducible study guide is excellent. I will copy off the pages we need as we go. The answers in the back are helpful to me as a home school parent who corrects his daily work. I learned of this Progeny Press resource through our independent studies adviser. I am passing on the resource to every parent I know, as it has greatly reduced the stress of creating curriculum for Jacob's Reading and Literature. He also enjoys answering the questions because they are relevant and structured. As a parent, I can thank you for offering excellent Christian curriculum and high caliber books on your website. We are now thoroughly enjoying a formerly tough subject and experiencing success daily. Jacob is thriving reading The Bronze Bow and realizing the gift of starting and finishing a chapter book on his own. Many Thanks, Mrs. Susan Larson