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Introducing Theater

Posted by Product Manager on 12th Nov 2014

Sadly neglected today, theater and plays were an integral part of society for centuries, much like going to the movies is today. Many do not consider theater and scripts actual literature, but many classics, such as Shakespeare, are in fact theatrical scripts meant to be performed.

So much can be learned by reenacting scenes from books. How did the character feel in the scene? What imagery and depth is revealed when we look at literature from a new perspective? How is literature changed when it is put in a visual medium?

Progeny Press has partnered with Creative Classics Scripts to bring adapted versions of classic stories to the stage (or your living room.) We know how hard it can be to find plays, movies, and shows that are family friendly, and that's why we like Creative Classics Scripts. They placed a strong focus on staying true to the original story, while making it family friendly and safe to take the whole family to!

With titles like Treasure Island, Little Women, The Count of Monte Cristo, Alice and Wonderland, and many more, there is plenty of fun to be had putting on your own production and seeing how the visual medium differs and portrays the original!