• 31st Aug 2023

    Learning With, and Loving, Literature

    Have you ever been transported to another world through the pages of a book? Have you felt a profound connection to characters who, despite being nothing more than fiction, felt like friends? Livin…

    Published by Rebecca Gilleland

  • 13th Nov 2014

    Introducing Theater

    Sadly neglected today, theater and plays were an integral part of society for centuries, much like going to the movies is today. Many do not consider theater and scripts actual literature, but many cl…

    Published by Product Manager

  • 17th Jul 2014

    Why Study Literature? (part 1)

    At Progeny Press, we believe in teaching literature to prepare children for the tough questions and situations that life will throw at them. As much as we would like to protect our children by shieldi…

    Published by Product Manager