Treasure Island - Theatrical Script

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"Fifteen men on a Dead-man's chest!"

That was the song the old seaman sang as he came in the door of the Admiral Benbow Inn. Based on the classic story by Robert Louis Stevenson, audiences are invited to join Jim Hawkins as he goes from running his father's inn to sailing the seas in search of Treasure Island. Cared for by the ship's cook, Long John Silver, Jim believes that nothing could go wrong.

But when the island is spotted, Jim discovers that the crew is made up of pirates, and John Silver is the worst of them all!

Laughs, adventure, thrills, and deception lie in wait for audiences of all ages. This adaptation of this timeless tale is sure to entertain audiences and keep them on the edge of their seats until the closing of the curtain.

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Adapted by:
Nathan Gilleland
Page Count:
79 pages
Actor Count:
5 male leads, 5-9 supporting actors - 1 female, 4-8 non-gender. Easily expanded to a larger cast.
Runtime (Approximate):
119 minutes
What's Included:
Full dialogue, Stage Directions, Full Character Descriptions, Full Scene Descriptions, Full Props List