Posted by Nathan, Tech Support Representative on 17th Mar 2014

Using Progeny Press E-Guides on Tablets

On a computer, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the program we recommend, as it includes all the tools necessary to complete the work, and it's free!

On a tablet... it gets more complicated. What you are looking for is an app that will allow you to read PDF files and fill in forms, saving the completed form when finished.

We are continually looking for apps that fit these requirements, though we do not have the resources to test all the options on all devices. What we do have is a list of the apps that we have found work.


We recommend using an app called PDF Expert, by Readdle. It is not free, but it is one of the highest rated apps that has the tools needed to complete the study guide work.

There is a separate iPhone and iPad version available on the app store. Please make sure you purchase the correct one!

We are currently looking into other platforms and are testing some Android apps. If you have a recommendation for us, please leave a comment below!