Posted by Nathan, Tech Support Representative on 15th Jul 2014

Payment Options and Our Dedication to Protecting You

Ok, the topic today is credit cards, security, our dedication to protecting your information, and what that means as far as payment options, both on our website and in person at Conventions/Trade Shows.

PCI Security

There are numerous security measures in place, and the checklist/guidelines/rules that all stores must follow are under PCI compliance. PCI  is short for PCI DSS and stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and lays out the groundwork for a secure, safe environment for credit card transactions.

We take pride in being 100% PCI compliant, and our processor monitors every second to ensure that we remain so.

Better Signed than Sorry

As a general security tip, sign your card. Legally, any representative for any company is supposed to check that the card is signed. If not, they will ask to see a photo ID before they will accept the card as a valid method of payment.

Secondly, if you do not sign the back of your card, anyone who gets hold of it can simply sign the back, and start using it as they please.

To make checkouts faster, simpler, and more secure, sign the back of the card and protect your identity!

"Payment Info on File"

We do not support this. If payment information is kept 'on file' this means that your credit card information is being stored on the internet. No matter how encrypted the information is, storing it in on a server in order to make checkout faster is a security threat.

As part of our dedication to protecting your information, identity, and security, we do not store any payment information. Please have your payment method handy when calling to place an order or when placing an order online.

Alternate Payment Methods

Occasionally, we are asked if we accept Paypal as a payment option, if we accept American Express, E-Checks, Automatic Clearing House, or other alternative payments.

We do not intend to make these valid payment options, and the reason is a logistics one. The processing fees for these options are inordinately high when compared to our current payment processor, at times being 2x-4x more expensive for us to process your payment. If we were to accept these methods, we would not be able to sustain our current pricing, which means a price increase, which no one really wants.