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Study Sam the Minuteman by Nathaniel Benchley with our study guide and lesson plans!     

Also written by Nathaniel Benchley and illustrated by Arnold Lobel - Oscar Otter     Also written &  illustrated by Arnold Lobel - Frog and Toad Together  

We are sad to announce that Harper Collins has decided to retire this title.  It is no longer available in paperback. It is still available as a Kindle ebook on Amazon. Or you can still find it in many libraries.
HarperCollins I Can Read level 3.  New York Times Outstanding Book!

Sam lives with his mother and father on a farm in Lexington, Massachusetts. America is still a British colony, but the people are unhappy. One day, Sam sees British soldiers in Boston trying to keep order. "They want to keep us from being too strong." his father tells him. One spring night, Sam is woken by the church bells. The British soldiers are marching to Concord where the colonists have hidden weapons. Sam goes with his father and the minutemen, hoping to hold back the British. At their first encounter, Sam's best friend is injured. Learning to stay hidden, the minutemen's second encounter with the British drives them off.

Experience the start of the American Revolution through a young boy's eyes.