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Reading Level: Grades 9-12 

Lexile Level: 1300L

Setting: New England, USA, 1860s, American Civil War

Genre: American Literature, Historical

Page Count: 560

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Little Women, a cherished literary masterpiece published in two volumes between 1868 and 1869, continues to captivate readers' hearts. In the UK, the second volume was known as Good Wives, but in 1880, both volumes were combined into a single novel titled Little Women which is the volume we offer.
Drawing from the author's own childhood experiences, Little Women remains an eternal masterpiece that resonates with readers even after 150 years. This enchanting narrative chronicles the lives and personal growth of the four March sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy—who find solace in their mother's unwavering love and strength. While each sister possesses a unique personality, their profound bond unites them as they strive to maintain their best conduct while their father serves in the American Civil War.
Jo, an independent and literature-loving tomboy, forms an extraordinary friendship with the boy next door. Meg, the eldest sister, embarks on a quest for true love. Beth, characterized by her affectionate nature and delicate health, brings the gift of music into their home, and the youngest sister, Amy, yearns for beauty through her artistic talents. Despite their modest material means, the March family treasures an abundance of love, friendship, and creative abilities that have mesmerized readers for over a century and a half!

Book Awards:
#18 on the Big Read List (UK's top 200.)

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New England, USA, 1860s, American Civil War
American Literature, Historical Literature
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549 pages
Louisa May Alcott
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