Hunger Games, The - Book


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Reading Level: Grades 8-12 

Lexile Level: 810L

Setting: Dystopian North America

Genre: American Literature, Science Fiction

Page Count: 384

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A post war-torn dystopian North America has collapsed after a series of apocalyptic events, and Panem, made up of 13 districts and the Capitol, has risen from the ruins.
Almost 75 years ago, the districts rebelled against the oppressive rule of the Capitol, resulting in the total annihilation of District 13 and even tighter control of the remaining 12 districts. It also gave rise to the Hunger Games, an annual event in which one boy and one girl are selected from each district as "tributes" for the Games. (reminiscent of the Greek legend of Theseus & the Minotaur) The 24 tributes are put into an advanced gladiatorial arena, where the children must fight to the death over a number of days as the Games are televised across Panem for the viewing entertainment of the Capitol and as a brutal reminder to the districts of exactly who is in charge.
Enter Katniss Everdeen, who provides for her mother and sister by hunting and gathering with her friend Gale outside the fence that surrounds District 12, a coal mining town in the coal-rich region formerly known as Appalachia. When Katniss' young sister Prim is chosen as a tribute, Katniss volunteers to take her place, to save her sister from certain death. With Peeta, the boy chosen from District 12, Katniss is taken to the Capitol to enter the Hunger Games. Katniss begins to rise as a contender, and people take notice. But can she win when she must choose between her survival and her humanity?

An intense look at self-sacrifice at all costs.

Book Awards:
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award   •   Great American Read #40   •   2008 Cybils Award winner   •   California Young Reader Medal   •   Hal Clement Award   •   Andre Norton Award nominee   •   Hebrew Geffen Award winner   •   New York Times Best Seller   •   NPR’s top 100 teen novels

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Recommended Grade Level:
North America, dystopia, futuristic/post-apocalyptic
American Literature, Science Fiction
Page Count:
374 pages
Suzanne Collins
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