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Green Book, The - Book

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The Green Book by Jill Paton Walsh. Novel. Square Fish / Macmillan


A School library Journal Best Book of the Year

Upper Elementary students will enjoy this exciting introduction into science fiction as Pattie boards a ship leaving Earth!

Pattie and her family are on the last ship to leave a dying Earth, and after a four-year journey they reach their new home on a distant planet. Unsure what dangers they may face, the colonists emerge to find hard, unfamiliar plants in a still, silent, but beautiful world. They build homes and begin farming as their supplies dwindle, desperately hoping their crops will grow and be edible in this strange, new world. Young Pattie and the other children explore their new home discovering the wonders of dewfall, moth people, and tree candy as the adults struggle. Pattie's little green book—dark green silky boards covered with gold tooling and filled with empty sheets—becomes her record of their journey and their new life. 


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Recommended Grade Level:
Science Fiction, imaginative
Study Guide Author:
Rebecca Gilleland
for the book by:
Jill Paton Walsh
Study Guide Page Count:
62 pages