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Progeny Press Printed Study Guides: A Year's Worth of Christian Literature Curriculum for High School (Grades 9-12)

Are you in search of a comprehensive hub for captivating and faith-infused language arts resources catering to your high school students? Look no further than Progeny Press' Printed Full Year Curriculum guides! Immerse your students in a quality English/Language Arts journey, meticulously designed for grades 9-12. Our literature guides seamlessly weave literature analysis, critical thinking, and character development into a faith-based educational experience.

Experience the Progeny Press ELA Difference

Uncover the incredible potential of language arts education within your high school classrooms through Progeny Press printed study guides. Empower your students to mature into discerning readers, analytical thinkers, and articulate communicators. Whether you're a homeschooling parent, a dedicated classroom teacher, or part of a co-op, our literature guides are thoughtfully crafted to enhance and challenge students on their educational path.

A Comprehensive Collection for Grades 9-12

Select from our diverse array of printed study guides tailored specifically for grades 9-12, and embark on a transformative year-long learning expedition with Progeny Press. Delve deep into literature, foster critical analysis, and nurture character development while reinforcing Christian values within the high school ELA curriculum. Your students' academic journey will be enriched and elevated as they engage with our meticulously written literature study guides.