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Grade Range: 10-12

English/Language Arts Credit: 1/4 Credit

Setting: Futuristic United States

Genre: American Literature, Sci Fi

Page Count: 74 + Answer Key

Approximate Completion Time: 9 weeks

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Guy Montag, a fireman of the future, is responsible for starting fires, not stopping them. In his society, books have been banned - all books, save the firemen's own rule books, which contain the ominous order: "Burn everything." Books are only filled with confusing and contradictory ideas, and it is more important to have fun and to be entertained.
He finds pleasure in his job until one autumn evening when a teenage neighbor, Clarisse McClellan, asks him a simple, haunting question: "Are you happy?" When an old woman refuses to leave her books and dies in the flames, he wonders, what in her books inspires such passion? He determines to discover it for himself, though his rebellion, and his confusion, may cost him his life.
A good examination of censorship and our responsibility to understand.

Content Warning: Mild language. 

Progeny Press' Fahrenheit 451 English/Language Arts PDF curriculum will provide your High School grade student with:

English/Language Arts Credit: This literature curriculum for High School students offers a one-quarter credit.
Author Biography: Discover the life and works of Ray Bradbury, the author behind Fahrenheit 451.
Vocabulary: Dig into the novel's vocabulary through various activities that promote retention and growth.
Literary Techniques: Explore a range of literary techniques used in the novel, including contextual analysis, dictionary usage, simile, metaphor, setting, characterization, foil, allusion, intertextuality, paraphrase, symbolism, tone, dramatic structure, motif, tripartite structure, and dynamic versus static characters.
Moral Lessons and Character Values: Reflect on moral themes and character values presented in the story, such as happiness, isolation, martyrdom, dehumanization, swearing, mentorship, spiritual aspects, biblical references, helping the disenfranchised, consequences of foolishness, reflections on death, legacies, the impact of war, and the significance of memory.
Activities and Writing Assignments: Engage in a variety of stimulating activities and writing assignments, covering topics such as banned books, going on a field trip, crafting research papers, discussing current issues, exploring the effects of technological change, participating in class discussions, and expressing creativity through art and drama
Suggestions for Further Reading:  Discover more works by Ray Bradbury and other authors through our in-depth reading list. Additionally, find movies and books that tie in with or share similarities with Fahrenheit 451, offering further options for learning and enjoyment.

All of Progeny Press' language arts PDF download unit lessons are written from a Christian worldview!

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    Formatted with your High School grade student in mind, Progeny Press language arts study guides divide the book into writing assignments and lessons that strengthen their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and refine their critical analysis and writing skills. Each Progeny Press novel study accomplishes all of this without busy work that can drain the fun out of reading and literature! Kids have loved using Progeny Press ELA curriculum in homeschool, co-ops, and private schools around the world for over 30 years

Book Awards:
Prometheus Award   •   Hugo Award   •   One of the New York Public Library's Books of the Century

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Progeny Press
Recommended Grade Level:
Futuristic United States
American Literature, Science Fiction
Study Guide Page Count:
93 pages
Study Guide Author:
Michael Poteet
For the Book By:
Ray Bradbury

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  • Posted by Laura on 10th Apr 2022


    Deep thinking/analysis

    This was the first book study guide I’ve used from Progeny, and it is excellent. It goes far beyond the “right there” questions that can be found in the text. The Biblical tie-ins and analysis questions are rigorous and thought-provoking, and the additional writing and discussion activities are very interesting.