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X Marks the Spot... Or does it?

Posted by Kennan, Manager on 26th Aug 2015

Our search function on our site has been experiencing some issues, as we are sure some of you have noticed. If you type a search phrase in and click search (or press Enter), it loads your results page that are--blank. We assure you, we do in fact have many products that match what you are searching for, but our search results page seems to be asleep on the job. When I suggested giving a cup of java, our web team started explaining how that's not the correct function language for the page...

I want to let you all know that we are aware of the issue, our web team is working hard to resolve it in a timely manner, and we do have a workaround in the meantime.

When you type your search phrase into the search bar, don't click on 'search' or press 'Enter'. Give the site a moment to analyze your search term, and a little drop-down will automatically appear that gives the most relevant results. You can then click on a result to view the page. If none of the drop-down results are what you are looking for, open up a live-chat, give us a call, or shoot us an email with your inquiry and our knowledgeable staff will answer you right away!

Thank you to everyone that has brought this issue to our attention, and thank you for your patience as we resolve it.