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Clearance Items

Posted by Nathan, Tech Support Representative on 2nd Oct 2014

As we go through our warehouse, we slowly gather a collection of old, out of print formats, misprints, and lightly damaged copies that we don't feel we can sell as new. Rather than throw them out or l … read more

Order Processing Error Solutions

Posted by Nathan, Tech Support Representative on 28th Sep 2014

We have received a number of customers who have had some issues processing payments on our site. Typically, order will go through without a problem, and the process of placing an order is painless and … read more

Why Study Literature? (part 1)

Posted by Product Manager on 16th Jul 2014

At Progeny Press, we believe in teaching literature to prepare children for the tough questions and situations that life will throw at them. As much as we would like to protect our children by shieldi … read more

Payment Options and Our Dedication to Protecting You

Posted by Nathan, Tech Support Representative on 15th Jul 2014

Ok, the topic today is credit cards, security, our dedication to protecting your information, and what that means as far as payment options, both on our website and in person at Conventions/Trade Show … read more

Using Progeny Press E-Guides on Tablets

Posted by Nathan, Tech Support Representative on 17th Mar 2014

On a computer, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the program we recommend, as it includes all the tools necessary to complete the work, and it's free!On a tablet... it gets more complicated. What you are lookin … read more