Lord of the Flies - E-Guide

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An airplane, carrying a group of British boys fleeing a devastating nuclear war, is shot down and crashes, stranding the boys on a tropical island. With the pilot dead and only themselves to rule the island, the boys try to establish some form of order. Under the leadership of Ralph and the advice of a boy called Piggy, the boys set up rules for survival and rescue. Above all else, a signal fire must be maintained. This responsibility is accepted by Jack and his followers, who are also the hunters. But something stalks the island, sowing fear and discord. The fire is allowed to die and a rescue ship misses them. Day by day the boys change. Conflicts arise. Mistakes happen. And as time passes, the children become barbaric, careless, and cruel. For mature students.

Our Interactive Study Guide will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0+. You may still print off the study guide just as before. But with the interactive files, students have the capability of entering their answers directly on the computer and saving their work in progress.

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Recommended Grade Level:
1950's era, Jungle Island
Study Guide Author:
Michael S. Gilleland
For the Book By:
William Golding
Study Guide Page Count:
72 pages


  • 4
    Thought provoking

    Posted by A. Carlson on 1st Apr 2020

    I ordered this study guide for my two 10th graders. I appreciate that it has many thought provoking questions and digs into themes. I felt this very age appropriate for high school.

  • 5
    Lord of the Flies

    Posted by Naila E. on 8th Feb 2016

    The study guide questions were great. I would most likely not allow my child to read this book had it not been for the study guide questions and overview that comes with it. The study guide helps trigger important lessons as well as critical thinking relating to todays times and Godly morals and values. It gives a great view into how the fall of man is the same today as it was back in the day, from the start of Adam and Eve. Good comparisons and great lessons.

  • 4
    Question heavy

    Posted by Robin D. on 13th Mar 2015

    The questions are appropriate and thought-provoking. I'd like to see more activities--something to DO other than answer questions.