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Grade Range: 8-12

English/Language Arts Credit: 1/4 Credit

Setting: Fantasy

Genre: British Literature

Page Count: 62 + Answer Key

Approximate Completion Time: 8 weeks

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Bilbo Baggins is a respectable hobbit - one of a race of small, quiet, country folk who inhabit The Shire, their pastoral corner of Middle-earth. One day he receives an unexpected visit from the great wizard Gandalf and thirteen dwarves. The dwarves, led by Thorin Oakenshield, have decided to return to the land of their ancestors and reclaim the treasure taken from them years before by Smaug, a terrible dragon.
On Gandalf's recommendation, Thorin and his company wish to enlist Bilbo as their burglar. Bilbo would much rather stay at home where he is comfortable, safe, and has a pocket handkerchief. But the idea of adventure appeals to something deep within him and Bilbo is drawn into the quest and soon faces giant spiders, goblins, and worse as he travels the great distance to the Lonely Mountain, where the dwarves' treasure awaits—as does the dragon and war!

Progeny Press' The Hobbit English/Language Arts PDF curriculum will provide your High School grade student with:

English/Language Arts Credit: This High School level unit study offers a one-quarter credit, providing students with a comprehensive foundation in literature.
Author Biography: Embark on a fascinating journey through the life of J.R.R. Tolkien and the historical context that influenced the creation of his genre-changing works.
Vocabulary: Engaging activities are carefully designed to stimulate retention and vocabulary growth using words found within the book.
Literary Techniques: Explore a wide array of literary techniques employed in The Hobbit, including characterization, compare and contrast, the call to adventure, riddles, epithet, metaphor, simile, proverbs, anthropomorphism, the hero's descent into darkness, true experience, imagery, setting, heroic quest, antonyms, synonyms, parallelism, historical present (tense verbs), paraphrase, and irony.
Moral Lessons and Character Values: Dig into deep moral lessons and character values woven throughout the novel, such as unlikely individuals fulfilling God's will, resisting God's call, the importance of good works, experiences of exile, reflections from Psalms, the perils of greed, the significance of wearing the armor of God, mercy and pity, seeking Christ's help, the assurance of never being alone, the path of wisdom and responsibility, the role of luck, the impact of scapegoats, the consequences of pursuing popularity, the beauty of generosity and love for others, and the dangers of selfishness.
Activities and Writing Assignments: Immerse yourself in Middle-Earth with exciting mapwork, explore the wonders of nature in Tolkien's world, delve into the enchanting world of instruments and music, the process of character creation, create character sketches, craft vivid setting descriptions, write compelling essays analyzing the author's verbal rhythm, contemplate the essence of the heroic quest, explore themes of humility and self-confidence through Bilbo's journey, discuss choice and morality, reflect on desires and greed, study the friendship between Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, unleash your creativity with art illustrations and dioramas, experience the thrill of drama and acting, and even challenge yourself to write a captivating sequel.
Suggestions for Further Reading: Discover more works by J.R.R. Tolkien and related books and movies that tie in with, or share similarities with, The Hobbit.

All of Progeny Press' language arts PDF download unit lessons are written from a Christian worldview!

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Formatted with your High School grade student in mind, Progeny Press language arts study guides divide the book into writing assignments and lessons that strengthen their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and refine their critical analysis and writing skills. Each Progeny Press novel study accomplishes all of this without busy work that can drain the fun out of reading and literature! Kids have loved using Progeny Press ELA curriculum in homeschool, co-ops, and private schools around the world for over 30 years!

Book Awards:
#25 on the Big Read List (UK's top 200)   •   New York Public Library Book of the Century   •   The classic prequel to Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series

Extra Information

Progeny Press
Recommended Grade Level:
Fantasy, Middle Earth
British Literature, Fantasy
Study Guide Page Count:
69 pages
Study Guide Author:
Michael Poteet
For the Book By:
J. R. R. Tolkien

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    3 Reviews

  • Posted by Susan on 15th Nov 2016


    Hobbit e-guide

    This is an excellent study guide especially for high school and parents. I am participating in walking through the book and questions with my girls and we are all thoroughly enjoying the thought-provoking questions and insight into the story of The Hobbit. We will definitely look at purchasing other study guides.

  • Posted by C. W. on 6th Feb 2015


    The Hobbit E-Guide

    We've used Progeny several times before and really like it. With the Hobbit, Lord of the Ring movies being so popular it seemed the right time to read The Hobbit. The guide is great, and I like how it pulls in Biblical references -- especially that my son can type his answers on the computer instead of handwriting everything.

  • Posted by Karen M. on 22nd Apr 2014


    The Hobbit E-Guide

    Very thorough and thought provoking study guide.