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Grade Range: 5-8

Setting: Caribbean, WWII

Genre: World Literature

Page Count: 66 + Answer Key

Approximate Completion Time: 10 weeks

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Eleven-year-old Phillip lives with his parents on an island off the coast of Venezuela in 1942, but when the Nazi's begin torpedoing ships nearby, Phillip's mother insists that he and she return to the United States. Their ship is torpedoed by a Nazi submarine long before they reach the U.S., however, and Phillip finds himself marooned on an island with an old, but strong, black deckhand named Timothy. But when Phillip goes blind from an injury, he slowly realizes how caring, wise, and resourceful Timothy really is, and the color of their skins is unimportant.

Progeny Press The Cay Language Arts PDF curriculum provides your Middle School grade student with:

About the Author: Discover the life of Theodore Taylor and gain insight into how their experience influenced the book.
Background information: Explore the historical context of World War II and the complexities of race relations that shape the narrative.
Vocabulary: Enhance your understanding of the novel's words through activities designed to boost retention and growth.
Literary Techniques: Study a rich array of literary techniques, including in-context analysis, dictionary exploration, simile, point of view, characterization, metaphor, dialect, symbolism, foreshadowing, anthropomorphism, and more.
Moral Lessons and Character Values: Analyze moral lessons, addressing authority, fear, the importance of inner character, the essence of a Good Samaritan, luck, work, wisdom, comfort, humility, death, sacrifice, love, despair, and the pervasive issue of racism.
Activities and Writing Assignments: Engage in a variety of additional activities, from writing and mapping to exploring timelines, creating art, discussing biographies, debating, exploring the Coast Guard, understanding blindness, delving into science, learning about hurricanes, crafting poems, delivering eulogies, and exploring themes related to Martin Luther King, Jr., public speaking, and handicaps.
Suggestions for Further Reading:  Expand your library with a curated reading list featuring more works by Theodore Taylor and other titles that align with or echo the themes of, The Cay.

All of Progeny Press' language arts unit lessons are written from a Christian worldview!

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Formatted with your Middle School grade student in mind, Progeny Press language arts Christian study guides divide the book into writing assignments and lessons that strengthen their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and refine their critical analysis and writing skills. Each Progeny Press novel study accomplishes all of this without busy work that can drain the fun out of reading and literature! Kids have loved using Progeny Press ELA curriculum in homeschool, co-ops, and private schools around the world for over 30 years!

Book Awards:
Jane Addams Children's Book Award Winner 1970   •   ALA notable book   •   New York Times Best Book of the Year   •   Lewis Carroll Shelf Award 1970   •   School Library Journal Best Book of the Year   •   A Boston Globe—Horn Book Honor Book   •   Publishers Weekly Children’s Book to Remember   •   California Young Reader Award Winner
1969   •   Kansas William White Award Winner 1971   •   ALSC Notable Children’s Recordings selection 2006 • 1970 Commonwealth Club (of California) Award

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  • Posted by Donna L. on 26th Jan 2015


    We are currently working through

    We are currently working through the study guide for The Cay and enjoying the fast-read book a great deal. The questions are good, checking comprehension and assisting with vocabulary but for my struggles to write child I decided to get the interactive guide which would allow answers to be submitted online. It didn't work well and we ended up printing the guide anyway (a printing expense that I should have avoided and just purchased the hard copy for $3 extra) The pull-down menus for the matching answers were stubborn and getting the answers to line-up at the right spots didn't always work. Made the process more frustrating rather than facilitating ease. Love the idea though and may try it later as more tweaking is done to the e-guides.

  • Posted by Selma K. on 18th Sep 2014


    I am homeschooling my 8th

    I am homeschooling my 8th grader, so I needed school work regarding a book he picked. So he found one in your selection and I love the work that he has to do from the E guide. Some of it is easy and some of it challenges him. I highly recommend this company and we are working on our 3rd book.