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Bridge, The - E-Guide

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The Bridge unit study guide for literature, from a Christian perspective

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Princess Rosalynn of Bracken is left in the care of loyal Sir Reynald while her father, the king, is off visiting a neighboring castle. Then Reynald learns of an impending attack from Folger, a neighboring country much larger than Bracken and connected to it only by a suspension bridge. Acting quickly he devises a plan to save the princess and hopefully save Bracken as well. The princess is carried away from the castle by Herron the Rider. When enemy soldiers chase them and Herron is wounded, he leaves Rosalynn in the middle of the forest and then leads the soldiers away. So Rosalynn is left to begin her journey through perilous, enemy-filled territory - her life in danger with every step. In the process, a wise woman will help her and guide her to greater understanding of herself and others.

Interactive File Description:
Our Interactive Study Guide will open with Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0+. Printing is still supported, but with the interactive files, students have the capability of entering their answers directly on the computer and saving their work.
Recommended Grade Level:
Medieval, Imaginative
Study Guide Author:
Carol Diehn
for the book by:
Jeri Massi
Study Guide Page Count:
35 pages
Special Note:
Novel is out of print with publisher. Please ensure you have access to a copy of the book prior to ordering this title!
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