Bears on Hemlock Mountain, The - E-Guide

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Grade Range: 1-3

Setting: Colonial New England

Genre: Juvenile Fiction, Chapter Book

Page Count: 32 + Answer Key

Approximate Completion Time: 6-7 weeks

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Jonathan is sure there are no bears on Hemlock Mountain. When he is given the task of going over the mountain to his aunt's house to borrow a large pot for his mother, he reassures himself over and over: "There... are... no... bears... on... Hemlock... Mountain... no... bears... no... bears... at... all." Once at his aunt's house Jonathan dawdles, enjoying cookies and a nap. When he wakes up he realizes that it is very late, and now he must go back over Hemlock Mountain - in the dark! Despite his repeating over and over to himself that there are no bears, suddenly he meets some. Thinking quickly Jonathan puts the large iron pot upside down in the snow and hides under it. Jonathan learns a hair-raising lesson in being responsible for your own actions.

Progeny Press' Bears on Hemlock Mountain English/Language Arts curriculum will provide your Primary Elementary grade student(s) with:

Historical Background: Pennsylvania folktales.
Author Biography: Learn about Alice Dalgliesh, her background in the British West Indies, and her writing awards.
Vocabulary: Understand words used throughout the novel, utilizing a variety of activities to stimulate retention and growth.
Literary Techniques: Phrases, repetition, foreshadowing, dictionary usage, imagery, similes, metaphors.
Moral Lessons and Character Values: Hospitality, sharing, observation, fear, God is with us, dependability, truth, the Lord is our shepherd, consequences, sin, forgiveness.
Activities and Writing Assignments: Mountains, animal tracks, birdsong, hospitality bulletin board, make cookies, Mystery Word activity, creative writing adventure, cookbook, bears, drama/theater. 
Suggestions for Further Reading:  We include an in-depth reading list of more books by the same author(s) and other books that tie in with, or are similar to, Bears on Hemlock Mountain by Alice Dalgliesh.

All of Progeny Press' Language Arts unit lessons are written from a Christian perspective!

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Formatted with your Primary grade Elementary student in mind, Progeny Press language arts study guides divide the book into simplified writing assignments and lessons that strengthen their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and begins building their analysis and writing skills. Each Progeny Press novel study accomplishes all of this without busy work that can drain the fun out of reading and literature! Kids have loved Progeny Press ELA curriculum in homeschool, co-ops, and private schools for over 30 years!

Book Awards:
Newbery Honor Award 1953

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    5 Reviews

  • Posted by Anita Nicholson on 22nd Feb 2022


    Study guide

    We are finding this really good for reading comprehension. I think it would be good if some of the questions had more detail and/or examples given of what type of answer is expected.

  • Posted by Patricia Huey on 14th Nov 2020


    The Bears on Hemlock Mountain

    The Bears on Hemlock Mountain teach family values, respect, and forgiveness while encouraging young students to think about the consequences of their actions. The meaty vocabulary and chapter by chapter questions challenge students in the areas of academic excellence and moral character.

  • Posted by Lori on 27th Aug 2017


    Easy to implement

    I was pleasantly surprised with the ease in which we were able to implement this study guide. It was age appropriate and the book was an enjoyable one.

  • Posted by Charlotte M. on 28th Dec 2014


    Excellent studies :)

    Excellent studies :)

  • Posted by David T. on 22nd Sep 2014


    Love it!

    Love it!