Great Expectations Novel

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The day that Pip encountered a strange convict in a graveyard changed his life forever. He lived with his sister, Mrs. Joe, and her husband the blacksmith, Joe. Young Pip is looking forward to the day he can become Joe's apprentice, but when the strange spinster, Miss Havisham, sends a demand for a young boy to come play at her estate. Estella, Miss Havisham's protege, sneers at Pip's commoner habits and appearance, and Pip starts to become ashamed of who and what he is.

When an anonymous benefactor contacts Pip through the services of the lawyer, Mr. Jaggers, and promises to make a gentleman out of him and pay his way through life, Pip develops great expectations about his future life. However, everyone has their own expectations and nothing is as it appears. Charles Dickens fills this classic with memorable characters and sharp insights into the human soul.